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Digitization of processes related to the management of machines/equipment in the field to increase their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), optimize productivity and automate low value-added activities.

What is it

With our MACHINE MANAGEMENT, we help companies reduce process waste and rework, related to the management of machines and field devices, and evolve from reactive to predictive and proactive management of activities.
Contextually, our solutions also enable monitoring and analysis of Customer Behavior, i.e., machine/equipment user behavior, as well as improved tools to control and monitor key KPIs of machine/equipment management processes, providing useful information and insights throughout the life cycle.


In order to be able to digitize processes and have the information available with a high frequency of updates we have designed and implemented a Data Werehouse layer, on MongoDB technology, which allows the collection and historicization of information and data produced by legacy information systems, automating their collection, standardization and processing.

The available data, appropriately processed according to defined business rules, produces additional relevant information that is used by AI algorithms to generate appropriate alerts and predictive and prescriptive dispositive actions.

The solution also includes a Control Room function, based on Data Visualization tools (PowerBI), to monitor and analyze defined KPIs, customer behaviors in machine/equipment usage, and trends in key consumption and usage parameters.


  • Artificial intelligence to process telemetry data and identify problematic machines
  • Machine learning to cluster customer behavior
  • Business Process Management for managing automated operational activities
  • Data Visualization for real time assembly of key process KPIs


Reduction in total cost of ownership of processes

Reduction in order management time tracking

Reduction in process scrap and rework

Increased automation rate of task orders

Find out how to increase productivity in back office processes.


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