Phygital Booking is a modular and versatile software application for dynamic management of physical and virtual reservations.

Phygital Booking is a software application designed to adapt to the booking of any kind of resource and in any context, whether physical, i.e., in-person, or virtual, i.e., remotely, such as:

The reservation of physical resources, such as workstations, company cars, offices, meeting rooms, sports fields…

Booking appointments with the staff of offices, institutions, companies, stores, clinics…

Reservation of a position in a virtual queue, either for access to physical or digital resources.

Technical specifications:

Cloud-based and multi-tenant platform that can be used in various ways.

Private (Mono-brand), i.e. visible and usable only by the brand’s employees/customers/suppliers and will show only the Brand’s locations.

Open (Multi-brand), in which multiple companies use the service simultaneously.

Application open to other platforms, via API/SDK/Widget integrations.

Integration into Web sites and/or Apps already built by Brands.

Integration with legacy systems allowing, for example, connection with LDAP and single sign on services. Integration with the Messaging and ChatBot platform to use information and dispositive features to perform pre-appointment activities.

Integration with enterprise check-in/check-out systems (time and attendance systems, entry/exit detection sensors, workstation check-in and check-out applications, and so on).

Integration with different physical components is also possible where necessary.

Totem with integrated printer for printing physical ticket.

Monitor for displaying the progress of waiting numbers.

Tablet for input/output management.

Sensors for input and output detection.

The platform is equipped with a management interface, for complete configuration.

Configuration of booking slots (slot duration based on user type, confirmation/cancellation mode, check-in and check-out mode, etc.).

Configuration of parameters defining reservation and cancellation modes (how far in advance the reservation can be made, by how much the reservation must be confirmed, by how much the reservation can be cancelled, maximum tolerance time in case of missed check-in, etc.).

Configuration of reservation spaces (types of spaces and resources, types of users who can access them, attributes searchable by users, etc.).

Configuration of the maximum capacity of each physical space (e.g., portions of the open spaces).

Configuration of available workstations and their characteristics (e.g., type of workstation with fixed PC or laptop).

Graphical configuration of floor plans of locations and available workstations.

How much does it cost?

Basic product cost: setup (includes installation, initial configuration and training): €2.750 +IVA

Fee per location (license for use as a service):

  • 1 to 5 locations: € 250 + VAT / month per activated location
  • 6 to 10 locations: € 200 + VAT / month per location activated
  • from 11 to 20 locations: € 150 + VAT / month per location activated
  • over 20 locations: € 100 + VAT / month per location activated

Fee per reservation (license for use as a service):

  • 1 to 1,000 monthly reservations: € 3.00 + VAT / per reservation
  • 1,001 to 5,000 monthly reservations: € 2.50 + VAT / per reservation
  • from 5,001 to 10,000 monthly reservations: € 2.00 + VAT / per reservation
  • over 10,000 monthly reservations: € 1.50 + VAT / per reservation

Possible customizations, integrations and/or use of additional modules, such as whatsapp channel activation, use of chatbots based on natural language recognition, augmented reality applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, etc., are possible, the costs of which will be quoted separately following a prior requirements analysis.


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