Time is the most valuable resource we have at our disposal.

The evolution and competitive acceleration of society are making this resource increasingly expensive. 

What is hyperautomation and what is it used for? 

Hyperautomation is a disciplined, business-oriented methodology that corporate organizations use to rapidly identify, examine and automate as many business processes and information systems as possible.

For this to be accomplished, concretely and quickly, it requires the orchestrated use of multiple technologies that, properly combined and integrated with each other, enable the implementation of virtuous Digital Transformation paths, with significant returns on investment in a very short time.

According to Gartner, by 2024 Hyperautomation methodology and technologies will reduce companies’ operational costs by an average of 30 percent, while also improving the digital experience of their customers.

The main technologies that are part of the Hyperautomation methodology are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, event-driven architecture, Robotic Process Automation (Robotic) robots, Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) systems, intelligent and omnichannel Chatbots, as well as Cloud Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS), low-code/no-code development tools, and other specific software modules in the market. 

Value for time

Time, in private life as in business, is the most valuable resource we have at our disposal. The evolution and competitive acceleration of society are making this precious resource increasingly rare and expensive. 

It seems clear then, that in order to be competitive in the marketplace, we can no longer afford to waste time on manual, repetitive and low value-added activities. 

In this context, our mission is to create, for our client Companies, the greatest possible value, in the unit of time, thanks to the digitalization and hyperautomation of business processes and the ability to extract valuable information from raw data, in Business Data Driven logic. 

For us, technology is a means and not the end; therefore, in doing technological innovation, we always start first with process innovation, which is the truest and most concrete form of innovation for companies, as it is based on actual business needs. 

We use the most innovative hyperautomation technologies, which make it possible to shape and adapt technology to business processes, information systems and business organization, thus leaving the Company’s distinctive DNA in the market unaltered, without distorting it or flattening it for mere technical needs. 

The main benefits resulting from this methodological and technological approach are: 


The digitalization, both horizontal and vertical, of the entire value chain, in a seamless manner with respect to existing processes, organizations and information systems.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization, increased productivity and quality of business processes by automating low-value-added manual tasks and consequently reducing manual errors and appropriate rework.

Data use

The use of available data for predictive and prescriptive analysis, enabling a shift from reactive to proactive, value-based management. 

Time is the most valuable currency
we can spend 

Antonio Crinieri, Founder B4


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