12 December 2022 B4-GROUP
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Data processing and visualization through artificial intelligence.

What it is and what it does

NEED AI is a technology that, through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, automates the processes of analysis, verification and validation of information contained in structured and unstructured documents.
What does it do?:
This platform can convert images to text, classify documents, analyze and extract entities from documents, and process and display them in real time.
This anticipates the process of checking the consistency and validity of documents, with real-time checks carried out directly at the document entry stage.


The system can be applied in any area where validation of user-submitted documentation is required, whether business or consumer, such as:

  • Processes for qualifying and updating supplier portals, resellers, etc
  • Processes for onboarding new customers and/or for service activation
  • Processes for acquiring technical documents, receiving goods, action reports, and so on

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