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Digital ecosystem to transform and innovate technical assistance processes in the field.

What is it?

This Ecosystem is designed to bring the Industry 4.0 paradigm, typically adopted in the technical support processes of large production chains, also to all installation, maintenance and technical support processes for field equipment. Thus, the aim is to do predictive, prescriptive and remote maintenance, even on individual equipment, distributed throughout the territory, that have low to medium unit values, such as office printers, industrial refrigerators, boilers, air conditioning systems, IT equipment, Telecommunication and energy production and distribution infrastructures and, more generally, for any networked equipment (or connectable via retrofit with IOT sensors), thus reducing the need to make interventions with technicians physically present in the field.
This approach makes it possible to increase the uptime and productivity of individual machines and to optimize their installation and maintenance costs.


The B-SMART 4.0 Ecosystem, unlike other technology platforms that manage only certain individual parts of the Technical Support process, differs mainly in the following key factors:

End-to-end management platform for Installation, Maintenance and Technical Assistance processes, ranging from the collection of telemetry and operational data (e.g., technical parameters, mode of use, intervention history, etc.), processing for the purpose of predictive maintenance, suggestion and/or automation of the best action to be taken (e.g., scheduling and proactive execution of technical interventions), to technical support, where necessary, directly to the end customer to guide him/her in the intervention, through virtual assistant and augmented reality features;

Low adoption costs and high ease of integration with the Client company’s IT systems, without the need for special development and investment by the client’s IT, thus optimizing ROI in both time and economic terms.


The main functional features of the platform are:

  • Enrichment of technical and usage data, transmitted by the equipment, with all other contractual, operational and customer behavior information, related to the equipment
  • Monitoring and analysis of all data, in real time, with predictive and prescriptive simulation, thanks to an Artificial Intelligence engine integrated with a process rules engine
  • Optimization and planning of technical interventions in the field, through an evolved system of automatic assignment according to dynamic variables
  • Knowledge Base and Next Best Action features, evolved and dynamic, which self-learn as a function of the outcomes of interventions performed
  • Guided support, to the field technician or end customer, through a Wizard that integrates ChatBot and Augmented Reality, to guide in a simple, intuitive and visual way to the intervention (e.g., first installation, trouble shooting, maintenance, troubleshooting and equipment issues)


Reduce equipment down time

Increase remote and self-caring resolutions

Provide advanced remote technical support

Optimize technician travel time and intervention turnaround

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