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Mercati Retail


Digital ecosystem to transform traditional retail into innovative shopping experiences.

What is it?

This Ecosystem was created in response to the post-pandemic needs of businesses in trade, tourism, crafts and services, with the aim of ensuring business continuity and increasing sales opportunities. Combining the best of the physical shopping experience with the best of the virtual shopping experience, we develop hybrid and integrated physical and online point-of-sale (a.k.a. Phygital) purchasing and service processes, pre- and post-sale. Our CONCEPT STORE 4.0 enables personalization of the customer shopping experience to increase store resilience, productivity, and profitability.


The CONCEPT STORE 4.0 Ecosystem is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different business needs and the evolving market environment and regulations.



The application uses a number of innovative Artificial Intelligence, Conversational ChatBot, Omnichannel, Augmented Reality, and Computer Vision technologies, which enable the use of a number of value-added applications and features to provide a totally innovative shopping experience compared to traditional ways, such as:

  • Omnichannel Messaging, which allows the brand to interact with its customers also through digital messaging channels, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and popular social media such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, etc., thus enabling one-to-one digital conversations, on persistent contact channels and through immediate, personalized, interactive and two-way dialogues;
  • Interactive communication and advertising, as a result of proactive and immediate engagement of potential customers through the use of omnichannel messaging (e.g., Qrcode for Whatsapp access), both on online media (e.g., Web), and offline media (e.g., TV and print);
  • Personalized one-to-one marketing based on customer preferences, thanks to behavioral and predictive analytics enabled by the Deep Learning AI engine;
  • Reservation management, with dynamic and intelligent appointment allocation, both in-person at the point of sale and remotely via chat or video call;
  • Augmented and virtual reality features, to provide the customer who is visiting the store, in-presence or remotely, with a range of enriched and value-based content on products of interest;
  • Conversational Commerce, via chatbots, based on artificial intelligence and natural language recognition, that enable understanding of conversational intent and optimize interactions between brands and consumers, for example by providing information and taking dispositive actions to convert contact into a sale and/or optimize after-sales support and service


Increasing potential customers with proximity marketing and augmented reality solutions

Increased activities that can be managed remotely

Reduced time to capture data, information and documents

Optimization of access at stores/commercial points

Find out how to enhance the digital experience with our market solutions.


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